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add idea for porting K12 mode

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......@@ -77,3 +77,27 @@ the web app (or perhaps using Pd's search path).
* ability to set callbacks for the web app to receive the following events:
* the Pd patch we wanted to open has loaded
* the Pd patch we loaded has closed
K12 Mode
Goal: Port the K12 Mode that Pd-l2ork introduced.
Details: Currently we ship a lot of the K12 abstractions with Purr Data.
However, I never ported the special mode that starts the program up in a
"K12" mode that replaces the window/application menubar with a more
user-friendly, clickable object menu.
That mode makes it easier for beginners to get started. In porting it, we
can take advantage of the new HTML5 GUI:
* The menu itself can leverage HTML/CSS to be more responsive, autohide, etc.
* The entire K12 Mode could itself just be a web-app separate from normal
Pd app operation.
To figure out which is best, it's probably helpful to know more about the
history of K12 mode, and whether the ability to also open and interact with
normal Pd objects turned out to be an important feature.
Either way, this feature vastly improves the usability of Purr Data for new
users, giving them a way to quickly generate sounds and experiment with the
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