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remove automated testing framework project as we've already got a working one

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[Automated Testing Framework](#automated-testing-framework)
[Inject Purr Data Directly into the Web](#inject-purr-data-directly-into-the-web)
[API for HTML5 Web Apps](#api-for-html5-web-apps)
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[JIT-compiled signal graph for the audio engine](#jit-compiled-signal-graph-for-the-audio-engine)
Automated Testing Framework
### Goal
Build a testing framework that covers most methods of internal
and external classes. This should include the "dsp"
method of all signal-based externals, so that we can compare the block output
of each across commits to serve as both a regression and code coverage test.
### Benefits
This will help developers catch bugs earlier in the development process,
leading to overall cleaner code in merge requests and less disruption to
users from regressions.
### Challenges
One challenge is that not all classes
have sane defaults for their methods. For example, the internal
class [until] will iterate in an infinite loop when the "bang" method is
invoked. Even with external libraries, such poor defaults are entrenched. A
robust testing system must therefore work around these challenges.
Another challenge is that many external libraries have
never been tested at all. Many are not 64-bit clean.
A maintainable and sensible testing system will therefore take an incremental
approach, starting with the most well-tested and popular libraries and
branching out from there to the more obscure ones.
### Languages
Testing framework can be fully implemented in Purr Data itself. However, some
familiarity with shell scripting tools and the platforms supported by
Purr Data will be useful (i.e., Windows, OSX, and GNU/Linux).
Inject Purr Data Directly into the Web
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