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add vintage hardware emulation library

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### Languages
Javascript and C.
Vintage Platform Audio Emulation Library
### Goal
Create a library with objects that emulate the hardware from
old hardware like the atari 2600, NES, and others.
### Details
There are a lot of resources online for emulating old
hardware. Purr Data would benefit by having a library
that provides a consistent interface for objects that
take input into an emulation of a piece of hardware and
output one or more audio signals.
If possible, it would be beneficial if most of the interface
could be built as a set of abstractions. That way more
developers would be able to understand and improve the library.
There is a TIA chip emulator written in C in externals/mmonoplayer
that can be used as a starting point.
### Difficulty: Moderate.
### Languages
Pd (Purr Data is a fork of the software Pure Data-- the visual language itself
is usually referred to as Pd.) Also, C.
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