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About Our Org
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### Problem
Purr Data is aimed at musicians, artists, and other people who aren't
necessarily programmers. This audience often has difficulty installing the
software and configuring it.
It would help our new users immensely to have an online tutorial that leverages
our recent version of Purr Data that runs as a web app. This way users do not
need to install or even configure the software in order to run the tutorial,
output sound, and experiment with building their applications.
### Scope
We will need a technical writer and a graphic designer to put together a
compelling, approachable set of short tutorials that introduce our audience
to the core topics. There are at least three pieces of prior art that may
be used as a starting point. However, these tutorials leave many of the basic
concepts unstated (e.g., they assume the user has prior programming knowledge,
or skip over important details), aren't always written clearly, and often
feature examples that are too complicated.
The final product should be comprised of accessible prose that explains a
topic, along with a small, simple example the user can interact with leveraging
the web app.
There are a number of veteran users who can help put together simple, clear
examples for each tutorial. The technical writer will write prose that explains
the concept to a general audience of non-programmers.
Finally, the graphic designer will work with the technical writer to produce
any graphs or charts the writer needs to elucidate a concept. Additionally,
since Purr Data is a diagram-based language, the designer can provide feedback
on color and design choices in the simple examples to help keep things clear
and clean looking.
### Measuring Success
There is a rather active Facebook Group who we can get to test out the new
tutorial and provide feedback.
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