Commit 1e52ce11 authored by Albert Gräf's avatar Albert Gräf
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Improved print dialog with user interaction.

parent 47e10eaa
......@@ -1160,52 +1160,12 @@ function menu_saveas(name) {
exports.menu_saveas = menu_saveas;
function gui_canvas_print(name, initfile, initdir) {
// AG: This works mostly like gui_canvas_saveas above, except that we
// create a pdf file and use a different input element and callback.
var input, chooser,
span = patchwin[name].window.document.querySelector("#printDialogSpan");
if (!fs.existsSync(initdir)) {
initdir = pwd;
// If we don't have a ".pd" file extension (e.g., "Untitled-1", add one)
if (initfile.slice(-3) !== ".pd") {
initfile += ".pd";
// Adding an "f" now gives .pdf which is what we want.
initfile += "f";
input = build_file_dialog_string({
style: "display: none;",
type: "file",
id: "printDialog",
nwsaveas: path.join(initdir, initfile),
nwworkingdir: initdir,
accept: ".pdf"
span.innerHTML = input;
chooser = patchwin[name].window.document.querySelector("#printDialog");
chooser.onchange = function() {
print_callback(name, this.value);
// reset value so that we can open the same file twice
this.value = null;
console.log("tried to print something");
// AG: We simply ignore initfile and initdir, as the print dialog will
// present its own file picker anyway if PDF output is chosen.
patchwin[name].print({ autoprint: false, headerString: initfile, footerString: path.join(initdir, initfile) });
post("printed "+initfile);
function print_callback(cid, file) {
var filename = defunkify_windows_path(file);
// It probably isn't possible to arrive at the callback with an
// empty string. But I've only tested on Debian so far...
if (filename === null) {
// Let nw.js do the rest (requires nw.js 0.14.6+)
patchwin[cid].print({ pdf_path: filename, headerFooterEnabled: false });
post("printed to: " + filename);
exports.print_callback = print_callback;
function menu_print(name) {
pdsend(name + " menuprint");
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