Commit 682cd5c2 authored by Jonathan Wilkes's avatar Jonathan Wilkes
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throttle "motion" messages in the backend in canvas_motion

parent 9ac143b2
......@@ -5324,6 +5324,17 @@ void canvas_key(t_canvas *x, t_symbol *s, int ac, t_atom *av)
extern void graph_checkgop_rect(t_gobj *z, t_glist *glist,
int *xp1, int *yp1, int *xp2, int *yp2);
static void delay_move(t_canvas *x)
x->gl_editor->e_xnew - x->gl_editor->e_xwas,
x->gl_editor->e_ynew - x->gl_editor->e_ywas);
x->gl_editor->e_xwas = x->gl_editor->e_xnew;
x->gl_editor->e_ywas = x->gl_editor->e_ynew;
void canvas_motion(t_canvas *x, t_floatarg xpos, t_floatarg ypos,
t_floatarg fmod)
......@@ -5350,10 +5361,10 @@ void canvas_motion(t_canvas *x, t_floatarg xpos, t_floatarg ypos,
//fprintf(stderr,"x-was=%g y-was=%g xwas=%d ywas=%d x=%g y=%g\n", xpos - x->gl_editor->e_xwas,
// ypos - x->gl_editor->e_ywas, x->gl_editor->e_xwas, x->gl_editor->e_ywas, xpos, ypos);
xpos - x->gl_editor->e_xwas, ypos - x->gl_editor->e_ywas);
x->gl_editor->e_xwas = xpos;
x->gl_editor->e_ywas = ypos;
if (!x->gl_editor->e_clock)
x->gl_editor->e_clock = clock_new(x, (t_method)delay_move);
clock_delay(x->gl_editor->e_clock, 5);
x->gl_editor->e_xnew = xpos;
x->gl_editor->e_ynew = ypos;
// scrollbar_update(x);
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