Commit 2c74c1f8 authored by Albert Gräf's avatar Albert Gräf
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Fix up realclean target so that it also removes files in .gitignore.

parent 5097a10c
......@@ -68,14 +68,11 @@ clean:
cd Gem/ && rm -f gemglutwindow.pd_linux Gem.pd_linux
# git clean doesn't see these, but we need to get rid of them to prevent
# subsequent mysterious build failures
rm -rf pd/lib $(addprefix externals/disis/, flext/configure stk/configure)
# The rest requires a working copy of the git repo.
# This requires a working copy of the git repo.
@test -d .git || (echo "Not a git repository, bailing out." && false)
git submodule deinit --all -f
git checkout .
git clean -dff
git clean -dffx
# Build a self-contained distribution tarball (snapshot). This is pretty much
# the same as in debuild/Makefile and must be run in a working copy of the git
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