Commit 4c237e7e authored by Ivica Bukvic's avatar Ivica Bukvic
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*fixed comment resize bar being invisible due to recent adition of color themes.

*improved comment resize bar (made it into a dashed box)
*improved invalid object outline (box) into a dashed box and made such boxes solid when being edited to distinguish them from comments.
parent 705d695d
......@@ -1495,8 +1495,8 @@ static void text_select(t_gobj *z, t_glist *glist, int state)
sys_vgui(".x%lx.c addtag selected withtag %sR \n",
glist_getcanvas(glist), rtext_gettag(y));
if (pd_class(&x->te_pd) == text_class && glist_istoplevel(glist))
sys_vgui(".x%lx.c itemconfigure %sR -strokewidth 1 "
if (pd_class(&x->te_pd) == text_class && x->te_type != T_TEXT && glist_istoplevel(glist))
sys_vgui(".x%lx.c itemconfigure %sR -strokewidth 1 -strokedasharray {} "
"-fill $pd_colors(box)\n",
glist_getcanvas(glist), rtext_gettag(y));
......@@ -1525,8 +1525,8 @@ static void text_select(t_gobj *z, t_glist *glist, int state)
sys_vgui(".x%lx.c dtag %sR selected\n",
glist_getcanvas(glist), rtext_gettag(y));
if (pd_class(&x->te_pd) == text_class)
sys_vgui(".x%lx.c itemconfigure %sR -strokewidth 2 "
if (pd_class(&x->te_pd) == text_class && x->te_type != T_TEXT)
sys_vgui(".x%lx.c itemconfigure %sR -strokewidth 2 -strokedasharray {2 3} "
"-fill %s\n",
rtext_gettag(y), invalid_fill);
......@@ -1960,7 +1960,7 @@ void text_drawborder(t_text *x, t_glist *glist,
if (pd_class(&x->te_pd) == text_class)
pattern = "-";
outline = "$pd_colors(dash_outline) -strokewidth 2";
outline = "$pd_colors(dash_outline) -strokewidth 2 -strokelinecap projecting -strokedasharray {2 3}"; //-strokedasharray {4 1}
fill = invalid_fill;
box_tag = "broken box";
......@@ -1968,7 +1968,7 @@ void text_drawborder(t_text *x, t_glist *glist,
pattern = "\"\"";
outline = "$pd_colors(box_border)";
fill = "$pd_colors(box)";
fill = "$pd_colors(box)";
box_tag = "box";
if (firsttime)
......@@ -2034,15 +2034,19 @@ void text_drawborder(t_text *x, t_glist *glist,
if (firsttime)
sys_vgui(".x%lx.c create pline\
%d %d %d %d -tags [list %sR commentbar] -stroke $box_outline\n",
/*sys_vgui(".x%lx.c create pline\
%d %d %d %d -tags [list %sR commentbar] -stroke $pd_colors(atom_box_border)\n",*/
sys_vgui(".x%lx.c create ppolygon %d %d %d %d %d %d %d %d %d %d\
-tags [list %sR commentbar] -stroke $pd_colors(box_border)\
-strokewidth 1 -strokedasharray {2 2} -strokelinecap butt\n",
x2, y1, x2, y2, tag);
//x2, y1, x2, y2, tag);
x1, y1, x2, y1, x2, y2, x1, y2, x1, y1, tag);
sys_vgui(".x%lx.c coords %sR %d %d %d %d\n",
glist_getcanvas(glist), tag, x2, y1, x2, y2);
sys_vgui(".x%lx.c coords %sR %d %d %d %d %d %d %d %d %d %d\n",
glist_getcanvas(glist), tag, x1, y1, x2, y1, x2, y2, x1, y2, x1, y1);
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