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Add toplevel Makefile

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# Toplevel Makefile for Purr Data. Please note that at present this is just a
# thin wrapper around l2ork_addons/, the traditional Pd-l2ork
# build script.
# The Pd-l2ork build system is very arcane and intricate. Its main purpose is
# building installers for the supported platforms, compiling sources is just a
# byproduct. Therefore `make` will most likely rebuild lots of things even if
# you just finished another build.
# The available build targets are:
# all: produce a native installer for the host platform (equivalent to
# ` -Tk`); note that in order to force a complete rebuild (like
# what ` -T` does), you'll have to run `make clean` first
# incremental: like `all`, but does an "incremental build" (equivalent to
# ` -tk`), bypassing Gem which takes an eternity to compile; please
# check the script for details
# checkout: convenience target to check out all submodules in preparation for
# a subsequent build (the `all` and `rebuild` targets also do this
# automatically when needed)
# clean: does something similar to what `` does in order to start
# from a clean slate, so that a subsequent build starts from scratch again
# realclean: put the sources into pristine state again (WARNING: this will get
# rid of any uncommitted source changes, too); use this as a last resort to
# get the sources into a compilable state again after things have gone awry
cd l2ork_addons && ./ -Tk
cd l2ork_addons && ./ -tk
git submodule update --init
test $os == "osx" && make -C packages/darwin_app clean || true
cd pd/src && aclocal && autoconf && make clean || true
cd externals/miXed && make clean || true
cd Gem/src/ && test -f Makefile && make distclean || true
cd Gem/src/ && rm -rf ./.libs && rm -rf ./*/.libs
cd Gem/ && test -f Makefile && make distclean || true
cd Gem/ && rm -f gemglutwindow.pd_linux Gem.pd_linux
git submodule deinit --all -f
git checkout .
git clean -dff
# git clean doesn't see these, but we need to get rid of them to prevent
# subsequent mysterious build failures
rm -rf pd/lib $(addprefix externals/disis/, flext/configure stk/configure)
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