Commit 77c0d30c authored by Jonathan Wilkes's avatar Jonathan Wilkes
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Death to tcl Part 2 (cont.): g_numbox.c

parent 8ff46c81
......@@ -331,11 +331,11 @@ static void my_numbox__motionhook(t_scalehandle *sh,
my_numbox_draw_move(x, x->x_gui.x_glist);
my_numbox_draw_config(x, x->x_gui.x_glist);
my_numbox_draw_update((t_gobj*)x, x->x_gui.x_glist);
gobj_vis(x, x->x_gui.x_glist, 0);
gobj_vis(x, x->x_gui.x_glist, 1);
/* These were just a crude way to guarantee correct
redrawing when testing, but it looks like the calls
above take care of it. */
//gobj_vis(x, x->x_gui.x_glist, 0);
//gobj_vis(x, x->x_gui.x_glist, 1);
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