Commit 8f911252 authored by Albert Gräf's avatar Albert Gräf
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Add install and uninstall targets to the toplevel Makefile.

parent d35fa1b2
......@@ -52,7 +52,9 @@
# Installation prefix under which Pd-l2ork is installed (Linux only). If this
# isn't set, a default location will be used (usually /usr/local). NOTE: The
# default prefs file assumes /usr, if you choose anything else then you'll
# have to edit $prefix/lib/pd-l2ork/default.settings accordingly.
# have to edit $prefix/lib/pd-l2ork/default.settings accordingly. Also note
# that we *always* assume that this variable is set properly in the install
# targets (see below).
prefix = /usr
ifneq ($(prefix),)
......@@ -85,6 +87,28 @@ realclean:
git checkout .
git clean -dffx
# Installation targets. These don't work on Mac and Windows right now, you
# should use the generated installers on these systems instead. Also,
# $(prefix) must be set. $(DESTDIR) is supported as well, so you can do staged
# installs (but then again presumably you already have a staged install
# sitting in packages/*/build, so you might as well use that instead).
# Note that these targets simply (un)install whatever is in the
# packages/*/build directory at the time they're invoked, so you need to run
# `make` (or `make incremental`, etc.) first. Also note that the extra cruft
# under build/etc (except for the bash auto-completions) isn't installed as it
# isn't needed on modern Linux systems any more.
builddir = $(firstword $(wildcard packages/*/build))
manifest = etc/bash_completion.d/pd-l2ork $(prefix:/%=%)/include/pd-l2ork $(prefix:/%=%)/lib/pd-l2ork $(patsubst $(builddir)/%,%, $(wildcard $(builddir)/$(prefix:/%=%)/bin/*) $(shell find $(builddir)/usr/share -type f))
test -z "$(DESTDIR)" || (rm -rf "$(DESTDIR)" && mkdir -p "$(DESTDIR)")
tar -c -C $(builddir) $(manifest) | tar -x -C $(DESTDIR)/
rm -rf $(addprefix $(DESTDIR)/, $(manifest))
# Build a self-contained distribution tarball (snapshot). This is pretty much
# the same as in debuild/Makefile and must be run in a working copy of the git
# repo.
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