Commit 9ef51b11 authored by Ivica Bukvic's avatar Ivica Bukvic
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removed lingering debug stderr output and improved debugging of the selection of all gop widgets

parent 91a1e867
......@@ -3351,7 +3351,7 @@ proc pdtk_canvas_mouseup {name x y b} {
proc pdtk_select_all_gop_widgets {name gop state} {
#puts stderr "======================$name $gop"
#puts stderr "======================$name $gop $state"
foreach item [$name.c find all] {
#puts stderr [$name.c gettags $item]
foreach tag [$name.c gettags $item] {
......@@ -4859,7 +4859,6 @@ proc pdtk_iemgui_dialog {id mainheader \
match_linux_wm [list label $id.dim.dummy1 -text " " -width 1]
match_linux_wm [list label $id.dim.dummy2 -text " " -width 1]
puts stderr [eval concat $$var_iemgui_hide]
pack $id.dim.w_lab $id.dim.w_ent $id.dim.dummy1 $id.dim.h $id.dim.dummy2 -side left
} else {
match_linux_wm [list label $id.dim.dummy1 -text " " -width 10]
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