1. 22 Apr, 2018 1 commit
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      bump to 2.5.1 · 8916c70d
      Jonathan Wilkes authored
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      Merge branch 'regression-tests' · 255e93be
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      Merge branch 'message-improvements' · 9e14bdda
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      add regression tests for changes to message box (and future regressions) · 6cb23744
      Jonathan Wilkes authored
      This is an initial attempt at a regression testing framework.
      Initially it has some regression tests that come from the work on
      improvements to the msg box.
      The framework allows the tests themselves to remain extremely simple. They
      just need to send a number and potential error message to the outlet.
      However, they do need to be added in the main patch. This is because we
      will need to run some tests in a certain order. We could number the test
      filenames but that's less easy to change later.
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      speed up msg box by caching the glist in t_messresponder for fetching $0 · f57259d6
      Jonathan Wilkes authored
      This brings msg box back to the same performance it had before $0 expansion
      was added as a feature to message boxes.
      The first implementation relied on calling canvas_setcurrent and
      canvas_unsetcurrent in the message box methods. This added a malloc/free
      for each message box method call.
      Instead this implementation caches the msg box glist in the t_messresponder.
      That is available as the target parameter in m_binbuf. Unfortunately, we
      have to add a parameter to binbuf_realizedollsym. Since that's a public
      function we have to break out the new param into binbuf_dorealizedollsym.
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