Commit 794dccfb authored by IOhannes m zmoelnig's avatar IOhannes m zmoelnig
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"enumProps"/"clearProps" message

make enum/clear properties compat with pix_video
parent 83e211d3
......@@ -455,8 +455,10 @@ void pix_record :: obj_setupCallback(t_class *classPtr)
gensym("codec"), A_GIMME, A_NULL);
CPPEXTERN_MSG0(classPtr, "proplist", enumPropertiesMess);
CPPEXTERN_MSG0(classPtr, "enumProps", enumPropertiesMess);
CPPEXTERN_MSG (classPtr, "set", setPropertiesMess);
CPPEXTERN_MSG0(classPtr, "clearProps", clearPropertiesMess);
CPPEXTERN_MSG0(classPtr, "clearprops", clearPropertiesMess);
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