Commit 8161f547 authored by Claude Heiland-Allen's avatar Claude Heiland-Allen Committed by IOhannes m zmölnig
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update GLdefine generator

parent 90c5f5dd
......@@ -10,4 +10,4 @@ sort -n |
sed -e 's|\([0-9]*\) \(.*\)$|\1 \2\n\1|' |
sed -e :a -e '/^\([0-9]*\)$/N; s/\n/ /; ta' |
awk '{if (3==NF){if ($1!=$2) print $2,$3; else print $3}else if (2==NF)print $1,$2}' |
awk '{if (2==NF){print " return _GL_UNDEFINED;\n case "$1":"; $1=$2}; print "#ifdef "$1"\n if (!strcmp(name, \""$1"\")) return "$1";\n#endif"}'
awk '{if (2==NF){print "return _GL_UNDEFINED;\ncase "$1":"; $1=$2}; print "#ifdef "$1"\nif (!strcmp(name, \""$1"\"))\n{\n return "$1";\n}\n#endif"}'
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