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README for plugins

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* plugins for Gem
this is a collection of plugins, that allow Gem to accomplish input and output
of media files in a platform-specific way.
** Developer notes
*** verbosity-levels
when reporting errors, keep in mind that oftentimes the current plugin is only
one in a long chain.
e.g. when a film-plugin fails to open a movie file, the next plugin in the
chain might succeed. therefore, to keep noise for the end user low, the
reporting verbosity should be kept low; usually below post() level.
errors that happen once a plugin has been selected, may be more load.
reporting from (potentially) threaded callbacks, should avoid using Pd's
post(),... functions and instead just printf() to the stderr.
- LOG:fatal : verbose(..-3)
- LOG:error : pd_error, error, verbose(..-2)
- LOG:normal : post, verbose(..-1)
- LOG:debug : verbose(..0)
- LOG:all : verbose(..verbosity)
-errors that must effect the user (because the current plugin is selected and there cannot be an alternative): error()
The following is an attempt to define the apropriate logging levels
**** ~film~
| function | max reporting state |
| -------------- | -------------------------------------- |
| CTOR | verbose(0) |
| DTOR | verbose(0) |
| isThreadable | verbose(0) |
| enumProperties | verbose(0), error() for opened devices |
| setProperties | verbose(0), error() for opened devices |
| getProperties | verbose(0), error() for opened devices |
| open | verbose(0) |
| close | error(0) |
| changeImage | error(0) |
| getFrame | error(0), printf() if threaded |
**** imageloader
**** imagesaver
**** modelloader
**** record
**** video
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