Commit b34b8d8a authored by IOhannes m zmölnig's avatar IOhannes m zmölnig
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prevent NULL dereferencing

parent 9893ed0c
......@@ -46,14 +46,16 @@ REGISTER_IMAGESAVERFACTORY("tiff", imageTIFF);
namespace {
static void imageTIFF_verbosehandler(const int verbosity, const char*module, const char*fmt, va_list ap) {
std::string result=module;
std::string result = "[GEM:imageTIFF] ";
char buf[MAXPDSTRING];
if(module) {
result+=" ";
vsnprintf(buf, MAXPDSTRING, fmt, ap);
verbose(verbosity, "[GEM:imageTIFF] %s", result.c_str());
verbose(verbosity, "%s", result.c_str());
static void imageTIFF_errorhandler(const char*module, const char*fmt, va_list ap) {
imageTIFF_verbosehandler(-2, module, fmt, ap);
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