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<p>Albert Gräf &lt;<a href=""></a>&gt;<br />
Computer Music Dept., Institute of Art History and Musicology<br />
Johannes Gutenberg University (JGU) Mainz, Germany<br />
December 2017</p>
March 2018</p>
<p>This document is licensed under <a href="">CC BY-SA 4.0</a>. Other formats: <a href="">Markdown</a> source, <a href="Purr-Data-Intro.pdf">PDF</a><br />
Permanent link: <a href="" class="uri"></a></p>
<p><strong>Purr Data</strong> a.k.a. <strong>Pd-l2ork 2</strong> is an improved version of Miller Puckette’s interactive computer music and multimedia software <strong>Pd</strong>. This document provides new or prospective Purr Data users with a gentle introduction to the program and some helpful information to get started.</p>
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Albert Gräf <<>>
Computer Music Dept., Institute of Art History and Musicology
Johannes Gutenberg University (JGU) Mainz, Germany
December 2017
March 2018
This document is licensed under [CC BY-SA 4.0](
Other formats: [Markdown]( source, [PDF](Purr-Data-Intro.pdf)
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