1. 29 Jun, 2020 11 commits
  2. 26 Jun, 2020 1 commit
  3. 24 Jun, 2020 1 commit
  4. 23 Jun, 2020 3 commits
  5. 22 Jun, 2020 4 commits
  6. 21 Jun, 2020 4 commits
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  9. 17 Jun, 2020 11 commits
    • Ivica Bukvic's avatar
      Fixed centering of the closing prompt, removed shadow and increased opacity of... · 10bf84c9
      Ivica Bukvic authored
      Fixed centering of the closing prompt, removed shadow and increased opacity of the background dimming.
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      Disabled pasting inside a toplevel garray since that should be just for plots and nothing else · da7b9b5c
      Ivica Bukvic authored
      Added comment to provide an update on an issue documented in the comments
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      Cosmetic fixes to respond to changes to nw 0.46.2 behavior. Namely, fixed main... · 82c35e64
      Ivica Bukvic authored
      Cosmetic fixes to respond to changes to nw 0.46.2 behavior. Namely, fixed main purr-data window starting location and size and windows now restore where they are supposed to. Also disabled debugging output.
    • Ivica Bukvic's avatar
      First checkpoint in implementing custom scrollbars and improving the scrollbar... · e2e65133
      Ivica Bukvic authored
      First checkpoint in implementing custom scrollbars and improving the scrollbar behavior. This is a WIP that requires nw.js 0.46.2.
      Finished second stage of the scrollbar implementation and added scrolling with middle click. All scrollbars are now operational and to the best of my knowledge accurate. The only things remaining are: getscroll needs to be called on deselect to recalculate when the handles are erased on objects that have them (we should get rid of these and focus on bboxes instead), responding to maximizing and restoring, and addressing a weird bug where in 0.46.2 patches are saved with larger window sizes under certain conditions.
      Reverted scrolling by grabbing due to problematic relationship between scrollBy and the zoom factor
      Continuing work on the scrollbars. The only known thing now remaining is ensuring that the patch window is properly recorded when saving it (under certain conditions it spits out completely wrong values
      Removed debug printouts
      Finished the scrollbars. The only thing remaining is for someone who has a better understanding of the pd_canvas.js and how the events are captured, to refactor my registration of events that ensure scrollbars are clickable and the onresize event. Currently, they are embedded inside the pd_canvas.js under the body tag where you will find both onscroll and onresize events.
      Overhaul of the new scrollbars to further improve their behavior, enable as perfect of a fit of the plots both in gop and on toplevel, and dynamic updating of the plots in toplevel when resized. Reworked dynamic event adding/removal for the scrollbars and removed onscroll from the html document and moved it into the pd_canvas.js. Still need to add a delay for the backend callback to update the scrollbars on the toplevel plot/array and thereby remove scrollbar flicker.
      Finished implementing the scrollbar callback and addressed popup not appearing in the right place (likely due to upgrade to 0.46.2)
      Added names of arrays to their toplevel subpatch window title. Multiple arrays are listed in the order they have been added.
      Another reworking of scrollbars to and array sizing to capture all possible scenarios. Some refactoring to make use of the canvas_hasarray. Remaining known issues pertaining to the plots are:
      *array toplevel windows are not restored in position they were saved
      *last element on the plots is not clickable
      *make bezier plot look like bezier (may need to leverage curve_path)
    • Jonathan Wilkes's avatar
      fix regression caused by unnecessarily unvis'ing gobjs in graph_vis · c4c64584
      Jonathan Wilkes authored
      This was initially part of an effort to prevent double binding to scalars
      for certain event callbacks. By unvis'ing all scalars in the graph this
      would ensure the symbol would get unbound.
      However, we're already doing that in canvas_map. So it appears this extra
      unvis'ing in graph_vis was unnecessary.
      However, it looks like the scalar in a gop will get unvis'd twice when
      destroying the gop canvas. No idea why that is, but if there's a regression
      perhaps one of the few people using scalar events will report a regression :)
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      increase atombufsize to 160 · 6266b614
      Jonathan Wilkes authored
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      some small css improvements to match pd-l2ork 1.0 style · bc74c6bb
      Jonathan Wilkes authored
      * give new cord the same color as selected line (except for vanilla/ext presets)
      * make broken object stand out more
      * make comment dash sizes match l2ork 1.0
      * change xlet hover animation to match new xlet style