1. 24 Oct, 2020 1 commit
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      Backport some fixes to sys_domicrosleep from vanilla. · 47e10eaa
      Albert Gräf authored
      Massaged the routine a bit to bring it more in line with what vanilla
      currently has, and backported some recent changes in rev. 1f383be3 and
      rev. ff9e52c6 from vanilla which are supposed to fix some bugs in
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      add hex symbol color syntax for iemgui colors · ecb92e6d
      Jonathan Wilkes authored
      We're not yet saving the hex colors as that will break in older patches.
      But we do print out warning messages in this interim period and will
      save the hex colors at a later date. Once that change is made, all the
      interim versions will be able to read the new format
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      get the "-unique" flag and [pd~] object working in Purr Data · a147dfbb
      Jonathan Wilkes authored
      This patch makes it possible to have multiple running instances of Purr Data,
      and to leverage that interface from Pd-l2ork to get [pd~] working on all
      Some difficulties required revisions to [pd~] in Pd Vanilla's code
      * use quoted path args for Windows when starting the [pd~] subprocess
      * replace sys_havegui() from Pd Vanilla's recent "threadening" with sys_nogui
      The "-unique" flag requires the OSX app bundle to be able to start by calling
      the binary in Pd-l2ork.app/Contents/Resources/app.nw/bin/pd-l2ork. This should
      also make it possible to run Purr Data on OSX both by using an app bundle
      (where the GUI starts the Pd process) and by installing and running from the
      command line (where the Pd process starts the GUI)
      The "--user-data-dir" flag sets the directory for various nw.js state used
      by a running instance. To prevent races nw.js requires that each running
      instance have its own directory that is not shared with any other instances.
      Setting the value for this flag has two important potential side-effects:
      1. If you have a running instance and try to start an additional instance
         that has the same data directory, nw.js will just send an "open" event
         the first running instance and exit the 2nd instance gracefully. This is
         the default nw.js behavior and the default Pd-l2ork behavior as well.
      2. If you have a running instance and try to start an additional instance
         with a different data directory than the first, you'll get a fully
         functional 2nd instance of nw.js running. This is the behavior we desire
         when the user runs pd-l2ork with the "-unique" flag.
      In each case we set the data dir explicitly in order to get consistent
      positional command line arguments in the GUI.
      In normal mode Purr Data will use the default data dir as specified in the
      nw.js docs for the particular platorm. Since the same default dir is used
      each time Purr Data is run, there will be only one data dir that gets created.
      When run with the "-unique" flag, Purr Data will append "-$portno" to the
      default data directory, where $portno is the port Pd chose to communicate
      with the GUI. That ensures that each separate instance of Purr Data can
      get a unique data dir.
      A side effect is that users may end up generating multiple data dirs that
      don't get deleted on exit. But Pd starts searching for available ports in the
      same range each time, and unless the user tries to run hundreds of instances
      at once this directory spam shouldn't be too big of a problem.
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      port from Pd Vanilla (some of these were already ported): 5a1b58 · d7ccb9db
      Jonathan Wilkes authored
      These bugs were discovered via static code-analysis
      (The CID numbers are the "Coverity IDs" used to identify the various bugs)
      - Don't free binbuf within glist_readfrombinbuf (CID:74871)
      - it must be deleted by the caller
      - Initialize sockaddr_in (CID:74861,74862,74863,74866)
      - Initialize indelay/outdelay (CID:74864,74865)
      - Initialize device-arrays (CID:74853,74854,74855,74856)
      - Closing unneeded sockets (CID:74827)
      - Initialize sockaddr_in (CID:74860}
      - Close file-descriptor if the soundfile is unparsable (CID:74822,74823)
      - Close file-handle in cleanup (CID:74816)
      - Call va_end() when handling variadic args (CID:74872)
      - Added missing break (CID:74800)
      - Prevent NULL-dereferences (CID:74792,74793)
      - Size checks when copying into string buffers (CID:74844,74845,74846,74847,74849)
      - Freeing no-more used storage (CID:74832)
      - Fixed code block (CID:74806)
      - Initialize sockaddr_in (CID:74860)
      - Initialize array-values to 0 (CID:74867)
      - Free allocated memory (CID:74813,74830)
      - Removed allocation of unused memory
      - Use pd_free() to free templates (CID:74814)
      - template_free() does not free the entire structure (it misses the pd_new() part)
      - initialize variable (CID:77865)
      - Prevent NULL-pointer dererencing (CID:77864)
      - Free heap-allocate binbuf after use (CID:74833)
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      fix jwilkes/purr-data#18 · f18ae854
      Jonathan Wilkes authored
      allow this to work:
      gui_start_vmess("foo", "");
      In other words, a gui message with a single array argument. There should rarely be a need for this (if at all), but it should still send a well-formed message to the GUI (which it wasn't before this bug fix)