Commit 22276108 authored by Ivica Bukvic's avatar Ivica Bukvic
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added getscroll call after changing gatom properties in case they exceed the window size

parent 08b8005a
......@@ -888,6 +888,7 @@ static void gatom_param(t_gatom *x, t_symbol *sel, int argc, t_atom *argv)
gobj_vis(&x->a_text.te_g, x->a_glist, 1);
gobj_select(&x->a_text.te_g, x->a_glist, 1);
canvas_dirty(x->a_glist, 1);
sys_vgui("pdtk_canvas_getscroll .x%lx.c\n", (t_int)x->a_glist);
/* glist_retext(x->a_glist, &x->a_text); */
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