Commit 27e05f64 authored by Miller Puckette's avatar Miller Puckette
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improve cursor behavior when control key is pressed or released

parent 0c646c02
......@@ -1564,6 +1564,12 @@ void canvas_key(t_canvas *x, t_symbol *s, int ac, t_atom *av)
else if (!strcmp(gotkeysym->s_name, "Right"))
canvas_displaceselection(x, shift ? 10 : 1, 0);
/* if control key goes up or down, and if we're in edit mode, change
cursor to indicate how the click action changes */
if (x && keynum == 0 && x->gl_edit &&
!strncmp(gotkeysym->s_name, "Control", 7))
canvas_setcursor(x, down ?
void canvas_motion(t_canvas *x, t_floatarg xpos, t_floatarg ypos,
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