Commit 4f257df8 authored by Miller Puckette's avatar Miller Puckette
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tighter message stack allocation

parent 23aceea4
......@@ -387,9 +387,6 @@ void binbuf_restore(t_binbuf *x, int argc, t_atom *argv)
x->b_n = newsize;
#define MSTACKSIZE 10000 /* FIXME -- make this grow as needed */
void binbuf_print(t_binbuf *x)
int i, startedpost = 0, newline = 1;
......@@ -531,13 +528,70 @@ done:
return (gensym(buf2));
#define SMALLMSG 5
#define HUGEMSG 1000
#ifdef MSW
#include <malloc.h>
#include <alloca.h>
#define ATOMS_ALLOCA(x, n) ((x) = (t_atom *)((n) < HUGEMSG ? \
alloca((n) * sizeof(t_atom)) : getbytes((n) * sizeof(t_atom))))
#define ATOMS_FREEA(x, n) ( \
((n) < HUGEMSG || (freebytes((x), (n) * sizeof(t_atom)), 0)))
#define ATOMS_ALLOCA(x, n) ((x) = (t_atom *)getbytes((n) * sizeof(t_atom)))
#define ATOMS_FREEA(x, n) (freebytes((x), (n) * sizeof(t_atom)))
void binbuf_eval(t_binbuf *x, t_pd *target, int argc, t_atom *argv)
static t_atom mstack[MSTACKSIZE], *msp = mstack, *ems = mstack+MSTACKSIZE;
t_atom *stackwas = msp;
t_atom smallstack[SMALLMSG], *mstack, *msp;
t_atom *at = x->b_vec;
int ac = x->b_n;
int nargs;
int nargs, maxnargs = 0;
if (ac <= SMALLMSG)
mstack = smallstack;
#if 1
/* count number of args in biggest message. The wierd
treatment of "pd_objectmaker" is because when the message
goes out to objectmaker, commas and semis are passed
on as regular args (see below). We're tacitly assuming here
that the pd_objectmaker target can't come up via a named
destination in the message, only because the original "target"
points there. */
if (target == &pd_objectmaker)
maxnargs = ac;
int i, j = (target ? 0 : -1);
for (i = 0; i < ac; i++)
if (at[i].a_type == A_SEMI)
j = -1;
else if (at[i].a_type == A_COMMA)
j = 0;
else if (++j > maxnargs)
maxnargs = j;
if (maxnargs <= SMALLMSG)
mstack = smallstack;
else ATOMS_ALLOCA(mstack, maxnargs);
/* just pessimistically allocate enough to hold everything
at once. This turned out to run slower in a simple benchmark
I tried, perhaps because the extra memory allocation
hurt the cache hit rate. */
maxnargs = ac;
ATOMS_ALLOCA(mstack, maxnargs);
msp = mstack;
while (1)
t_pd *nexttarget;
......@@ -597,11 +651,6 @@ void binbuf_eval(t_binbuf *x, t_pd *target, int argc, t_atom *argv)
t_symbol *s9;
if (!ac) goto gotmess;
if (msp >= ems)
error("message stack overflow");
goto broken;
switch (at->a_type)
case A_SEMI:
......@@ -667,27 +716,26 @@ void binbuf_eval(t_binbuf *x, t_pd *target, int argc, t_atom *argv)
if (nargs)
switch (stackwas->a_type)
switch (mstack->a_type)
case A_SYMBOL:
typedmess(target, stackwas->a_w.w_symbol, nargs-1, stackwas+1);
typedmess(target, mstack->a_w.w_symbol, nargs-1, mstack+1);
case A_FLOAT:
if (nargs == 1) pd_float(target, stackwas->a_w.w_float);
else pd_list(target, 0, nargs, stackwas);
if (nargs == 1) pd_float(target, mstack->a_w.w_float);
else pd_list(target, 0, nargs, mstack);
msp = stackwas;
msp = mstack;
if (!ac) break;
target = nexttarget;
msp = stackwas;
if (maxnargs > SMALLMSG)
ATOMS_FREEA(mstack, maxnargs);
static int binbuf_doopen(char *s, int mode)
---------------- dolist --------------------
fixed crash bug closing patches with open GOPs
fixed PC device counting problem (first device invoked by -audiodev 0)
fixed MSTACKSIZE limitation in m_binbuf.c
compile on various versions of linux
......@@ -19,7 +20,6 @@ problems:
check real-time gaps in writesf~
fix declare to update current patch when changed
objects on GOP don't erase if you edit the GOP while they're showing
MSTACKSIZE limitation in m_binbuf.c
add -stack option to make 'regular' stack larger
TK menu on Windows says "wish"
help browser broke on Panurge
......@@ -36,7 +36,6 @@ when retyping abstractions, offer to save dirty one
should linux stop grabbing focus on vis? Is there a way to detect whether
the mouse is in a window when it opens?
arrays that don't fit in bounds don't update (same as red rectangle problem?)
look in d_resample.pd to understand inlet~ upsampling...
patcher inlets don't deal with scalars (zbug.pd)
check if there's a problem loading libs on startup if superuser
read xx.txt in "bad" gives warnings
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