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made nbx scaling less wonky. It's still a bit wonky, but maybe that's just a...

made nbx scaling less wonky. It's still a bit wonky, but maybe that's just a function of the font resizing algo and the fact that width is constrained to character width
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......@@ -336,8 +336,9 @@ static void my_numbox__motionhook(t_scalehandle *sh,
int char_w = (x->x_tmpfontsize * f) / 36;
/* get the new total width */
int new_total_width = x->x_numwidth + dx;
int new_total_width = x->x_numwidth + (int)mouse_x -
(text_xpix(&x->x_gui.x_obj, x->x_gui.x_glist) + x->x_numwidth);
/* now figure out what does this translate into in terms of
character length */
int new_char_len = (new_total_width -
......@@ -356,10 +357,8 @@ static void my_numbox__motionhook(t_scalehandle *sh,
// dx,dy,x->x_scalewidth,x->x_scaleheight,numwidth,sh->h_dragx);
x->x_gui.x_fontsize = x->x_tmpfontsize;
x->x_gui.x_w = x->x_scalewidth;
x->x_gui.x_w = new_char_len;
x->x_gui.x_h = x->x_scaleheight;
x->x_numwidth = my_numbox_calc_fontwidth(x);
canvas_dirty(x->x_gui.x_glist, 1);
......@@ -412,7 +411,6 @@ static void my_numbox_getrect(t_gobj *z, t_glist *glist,
*yp1 = text_ypix(&x->x_gui.x_obj, glist);
*xp2 = *xp1 + x->x_numwidth;
*yp2 = *yp1 + x->x_gui.x_h;
iemgui_label_getrect(x->x_gui, glist, xp1, yp1, xp2, yp2);
......@@ -555,12 +553,6 @@ static void my_numbox_dialog(t_my_numbox *x, t_symbol *s, int argc,
iemgui_dialog(&x->x_gui, argc, argv);
x->x_numwidth = my_numbox_calc_fontwidth(x);
post("numwidth after dialog is %d", x->x_numwidth);
post("w is %d", x->x_gui.x_w);
post("h is %d", x->x_gui.x_h);
post("font style is %d", x->x_gui.x_font_style);
post("font size is %d", x->x_gui.x_fontsize);
my_numbox_check_minmax(x, min, max);
// normally, you'd do move+config, but here you have to do erase+new
// because iemgui_draw_io does not support changes to x_hide_frame.
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