Commit 76f4927a authored by Mathieu L Bouchard's avatar Mathieu L Bouchard
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only reconf tkpath or tkdnd when makefile is outdated

parent 1fe42551
......@@ -226,13 +226,17 @@ externs:
make -C ../extra/pd~ @EXTERNTARGET@
make -C ../extra/stdout @EXTERNTARGET@
../tkpath/Makefile: ../tkpath/ ../tkpath/
cd ../tkpath && aclocal && autoconf && ./configure --prefix=$(prefix)
tkpath: ../tkpath/Makefile
make -C ../tkpath
cd ../src
../tkdnd/Makefile: ../tkdnd/ ../tkdnd/
cd ../tkdnd && aclocal && autoconf && ./configure --prefix=$(prefix)
tkdnd: ../tkdnd/Makefile
make -C ../tkdnd
cd ../src
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