Commit 7f11fa36 authored by Ivica Bukvic's avatar Ivica Bukvic
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fixed -outline error due to legacy tk call that is replaced with -stroke in the tkpath

parent 1194e8db
......@@ -8403,7 +8403,7 @@ proc pdtk_canvas_enteritem_gettags {tkcanvas x y item} {
#puts stderr "gettags $tags $xletno [$tkcanvas canvasx $x] [$tkcanvas canvasy $y]"
if { $xletno == -1 && $object ne "text" } { return }
if { $object ne "text" } {
set nlet_color [$tkcanvas itemcget [lindex $tags 0] -outline]
set nlet_color [$tkcanvas itemcget [lindex $tags 0] -stroke]
} else {
set nlet_color $select_color
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