Commit b45d48f2 authored by Mathieu L Bouchard's avatar Mathieu L Bouchard
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rewrote curve_smooth_to_q in 2d vector form, and fixed closed curves

parent 227967d6
......@@ -3878,6 +3878,8 @@ static int legacy_draw_in_group(t_canvas *c)
return (0);
typedef struct {int x,y;} intxy;
/* this is a conversion from tk's smooth method to an svg path command.
It is here for backwards-compabitility with the legacy data structure
drawing commands. A description of tk's curve implementation may be
......@@ -3885,26 +3887,31 @@ static int legacy_draw_in_group(t_canvas *c) */
void curve_smooth_to_q(int *pix, int n, int closed)
intxy *p = (intxy *)pix;
int i, end = (closed ? n : n - 1);
sys_vgui("M %d %d\\\n", pix[0], pix[1]);
int ox = pix[2], oy = pix[3];
for (i = 2; i < n - 1; i++)
sys_vgui("Q %d %d %d %d\\\n",
ox, oy,
(int)(0.5*ox + 0.5*pix[i*2]),
(int)(0.5*oy + 0.5*pix[i*2+1]));
ox = pix[i*2];
oy = pix[i*2+1];
/* this part for closed curves doesn't work yet. The numbers I have
placed in the command need to be replaced with different, less
wrong numbers. */
// >>1 is used instead of /2 or *0.5, because of slight difference in rounding.
if (closed)
sys_vgui("M %d %d \\\n",
sys_vgui("M %d %d \\\n", p[0].x, p[0].y);
intxy o = closed ? p[n-1] : p[1];
int n2 = closed?n:n-1;
for (i = closed?0:2; i < n2; i++)
sys_vgui("Q %d %d %d %d \\\n",
o.x, o.y,
(o.x + p[i].x)>>1,
(o.y + p[i].y)>>1);
o = p[i];
if (closed)
sys_vgui("Q %d %d %d %d\\\n", pix[n*2-2], pix[n*2-1], pix[0], pix[1]);
sys_vgui("Q %d %d %d %d \\\n", p[n-1].x, p[n-1].y,
sys_vgui("Q %d %d %d %d\\\n", pix[n*2-4], pix[n*2-3],
pix[n*2-2], pix[n*2-1]);
sys_vgui("Q %d %d %d %d \\\n", p[n-2].x, p[n-2].y, p[n-1].x, p[n-1].y);
static void *curve_new(t_symbol *classsym, t_int argc, t_atom *argv)
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