Commit bc9ab087 authored by Ivica Bukvic's avatar Ivica Bukvic
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added redraw after deleting array to remove stale array name

parent af0f9859
......@@ -426,6 +426,7 @@ void garray_arraydialog(t_garray *x, t_symbol *name, t_floatarg fsize,
int dspwas = canvas_suspend_dsp();
glist_delete(x->x_glist, &x->x_gobj);
......@@ -668,6 +669,7 @@ static int array_motion_fatten;
/* LATER protect against the template changing or the scalar disappearing
probably by attaching a gpointer here ... */
// this is called when a mouse drag happens inside an array (either scalar or the whole array--this needs to be tested)
static void array_motion(void *z, t_floatarg dx, t_floatarg dy)
array_motion_xcumulative += dx * array_motion_xperpix;
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