Commit bd2583de authored by Albert Gräf's avatar Albert Gräf
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Get rid of the gui_dir variable which is now obsolete.

parent a39070b4
......@@ -25,30 +25,22 @@ function have_args() {
function set_vars(win) {
var port_no, gui_dir, font_engine_sanity, pd_engine_id;
var port_no, font_engine_sanity, pd_engine_id;
// If the GUI was started by Pd, our port number is going to be
// the first argument. If the GUI is supposed to start Pd, we won't
// have any arguments and need to set it here.
if (have_args() && gui.App.argv.length > 1) {
port_no = gui.App.argv[0]; // fed to us by the Pd process
// looks like this is the same as pwd below
gui_dir = gui.App.argv[3];
// address unique to the pd_engine
pd_engine_id = gui.App.argv[4];
} else {
// If we're starting Pd, this is the first port number to try. (We'll
// increment it if that port happens to be taken.
port_no = 5400;
// This is confusing and needs to be rethought. OSX app bundle needs
// the gui_dir to be "bin", but the actual gui files reside in
// "bin/../" because of the structure of the nw.js app bundle we use.
// Anyway, this seems to get all the "doc" links to be found...
gui_dir = process.platform === "darwin" ? "bin" : pwd;
font_engine_sanity = pdgui.set_font_engine_sanity(win);
"use strict";
var pwd;
var gui_dir;
var lib_dir;
var pd_engine_id;
......@@ -27,15 +26,6 @@ exports.set_pd_engine_id = function (id) {
exports.defunkify_windows_path = defunkify_windows_path;
exports.set_gui_dir = function(dir_string) {
gui_dir = path.normalize(path.join(dir_string, ".."));
gui_dir = defunkify_windows_path(gui_dir);
exports.get_gui_dir = function() {
return gui_dir;
function gui_set_lib_dir(dir) {
lib_dir = dir;
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