Commit d869d271 authored by Jonathan Wilkes's avatar Jonathan Wilkes
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port another sys_vgui call, related to undoing font changes

parent 2c0642ba
......@@ -2211,10 +2211,29 @@ void canvas_undo_font(t_canvas *x, void *z, int action)
t_int properties = gfxstub_haveproperties((void *)x2);
if (properties)
sys_vgui(" invoke\n",
properties, u_f->font);
else sys_vgui("dofont_apply .x%lx %d 1\n", x2, u_f->font);
char tagbuf[MAXPDSTRING];
sprintf(tagbuf, ".gfxstub%lx", (long unsigned int)properties);
//sys_vgui(" invoke\n",
// properties, u_f->font);
gui_vmess("gui_font_dialog_change_size", "si",
//sys_vgui("dofont_apply .x%lx %d 1\n", x2, u_f->font);
/* In there is a global variable holding the last font
size. So our dataflow is:
1) Pd -> GUI dofont_apply as above
2) GUI looks up the previous font size
3) GUI -> Pd "canvasid font size old_size 100 no_undo"
4) Pd -> GUI redraw the canvas with the new font sizes
Can't figure out why we need to talk to the GUI in #1, so
I'm just calling the canvas "font" method directly... */
vmess(&x2->gl_pd, gensym("font"), "iiii",
u_f->font, tmp_font, 100, 1);
u_f->font = tmp_font;
else if (action == UNDO_FREE)
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