Commit 4b7b73cd authored by Jonathan Wilkes's avatar Jonathan Wilkes
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Merge branch 'fix-subpatch-display-corruption'

parents bcf883d2 7f1d2334
......@@ -949,17 +949,6 @@ static void graph_vis(t_gobj *gr, t_glist *parent_glist, int vis)
else if (gobj_shouldvis(gr, parent_glist))
/* erase contents of glist. We need to do this because
scalar_vis is currently using pd_bind/unbind to handle
scalar events. */
for (g = x->gl_list; g; g = g->g_next)
gop_redraw = 1;
//fprintf(stderr,"drawing gop objects\n");
gobj_vis(g, x, 0);
gop_redraw = 0;
gui_vmess("gui_gobj_erase", "xs",
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