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msys2 build instructions: consistent version number for all instructions

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......@@ -134,9 +134,9 @@ wget</code>
For Windows Vista, 7, and 10:<code>
12. Unzip nw.js: *(less than a minute)*<code>
13. Now move it into the repo: *(less than a minute)*<code>
mv nwjs-sdk-v0.14.2-win-x64 purr-data/pd/nw/nw</code>
mv nwjs-sdk-v0.14.6-win-x64 purr-data/pd/nw/nw</code>
14. Enter the purr-data directory *(less than a minute)*<code>
cd purr-data/packages/win32_inno</code>
15. Download all submodules *(3 minutes)*
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