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      add hexmunger loading to the main loader. This is way simplified over the · 438c72ce
      Jonathan Wilkes authored
      hexloader external (which will consequently be removed). The interface
      1. If any characters that were illegal in a C function name were in the
         given object name, we get a "hexmunged" symbol where each illegal
         character is replaced with a "0x%c" where "%c" is the hex representation
         of that illegal character.
      2. If we have a "hexmunged" symbol, we search for a file by the newly munged
         name. Currently this is search in addition to the normal paths-- it could
         probably be searched instead of it but I'm not completely sure if there
         are any edge cases that would be affected by that.
      3. If the file is found, the loader searches for a setup routine named
         "setup_hexmungedSymbol". If it's a tilde object, it searches for
         "setup_hexmungedSymbol_tilde". (Note: normal external libs search for
      Caveat: a lot of the obviously ad-hoc code for handling this cases in the
              external libraries just uses an "#include" directive for the entire
              C file of the original object. E.g., mtx_0x2a.c just does
              #include "../src/mtx_mul.c" with an extra setup routine that just
              calls the original one.
              So if a patch or running instance has both the [mtx_*] _and_ the
              [mtx_mul] objects, two separate libraries which essentially the
              same code and "setup" symbol will get loaded. The same is true
              for the original hexloader. I haven't had time to study the loaders
              on all Pd's platforms to figure out what the side-effects are of
              this approach
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