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    Add related objects to the help index · 7e601d41
    Gabriela Bittencourt authored and Albert Gräf's avatar Albert Gräf committed
    If an object has a "related objects" field in its help patch meta data,
    then the list of related objects will be added to the help index and
    will be displayed along with its description in the help browser.
    Moreover, objects will be listed in the search results if they have the
    search term as a related object. For instance, a search for 'pulse' will
    also list 'metro' because 'metro' has 'pulse' as a related object.
    Note that depending on the actual meta data, relatedness isn't
    necessarily symmetric. E.g., 'pulse' doesn't list 'metro' as a related
    object in turn and thus a search for 'metro' will *not* show 'pulse' in
    the search results, even though 'pulse' is related to 'metro'.