Commit 85a7f24a authored by Ivica Bukvic's avatar Ivica Bukvic
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Fine-tuned the dropdown dialog window size

* Used to have no margin on the right. Now it does and it matches the left side.
parent 5eb67db0
......@@ -5810,7 +5810,7 @@ function gui_dropdown_dialog(did, attr_array) {
// Just reuse the "gatom" dialog (this is not true anymore, see below)
// 2020-08-21: made this into a separate dialog due to inability to easily retitle
// the window
dialogwin[did] = create_window(did, "dropdown", 222, 268-5,
dialogwin[did] = create_window(did, "dropdown", 228, 268-5,
popup_coords[2], popup_coords[3],
// 2020-08-21: the following does not work because the window is not created yet?
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