Commit bb860fef authored by Guillem Bartrina's avatar Guillem Bartrina
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merge fixes

parent 84c03a78
Subproject commit 8eaaaa3c39af8968248fab5659d4a4d2da4f1ed7
Subproject commit b767c65b6607a1b2b80798a5ff4fb3e3c1d752a5
......@@ -6291,10 +6291,7 @@ void gobj_dirty(t_gobj *x, t_glist *g, int state)
t_rtext *y = glist_findrtext(g, (t_text *)x);
gui_vmess("gui_gobj_dirty", "xsi", g, rtext_gettag(y), state);
<<<<<<< HEAD
>>>>>>> feature_privateabstractions2
/* tell the gui to display a specific message in the
top right corner */
void canvas_warning(t_canvas *x, int warid)
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