Commit e697e70d authored by Jonathan Wilkes's avatar Jonathan Wilkes
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Merge branch 'fix-my_canvas-anchor-position' into master

parents 3f242c54 70ebbb7e
......@@ -897,9 +897,20 @@ void scalehandle_draw_select2(t_iemgui *x)
the one for the label. Special case for [cnv] which for some reason
allows a smaller selection area than its painted rectangle. */
if (c == my_canvas_class)
/* We're drawing the anchor rectangle by abusing the <line> svg elem
with a width equal to SCALEHANDLE_WIDTH.
This simplifies the CSS, but unfortunately makes the positioning
a little wonky:
For example-- a vertical line from sy to sy+10 with a width of 10
will straddle the horizontal point sx. So to get the leftmost part
of our rect at sx, we multiply the width by 0.5 and add that to sx.
(int)(sx + SCALEHANDLE_WIDTH * 1.5) + 1,
(int)(sx + SCALEHANDLE_WIDTH * 0.5), sy);
if (x->x_lab != s_empty)
scalehandle_draw_select(x->x_lhandle, x->x_ldx + 5, x->x_ldy + 10);
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