1. 13 Sep, 2020 8 commits
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      Fix the findbox regression, part 3. · 1747a89e
      Albert Gräf authored
      Make Ctrl+F work if the canvas is in edit mode. In this case,
      canvas_key(), upon receiving the Ctrl keydown event from the Ctrl+F
      shortcut, temporarily switches to run mode, but never gets the
      corresponding keyup event which goes to the findbox, so temporary run
      mode remains in effect when the findbox opens.
      This shouldn't actually be much of a problem, but the real trouble is
      that while canvas_key() informs the GUI about the change to run mode, it
      doesn't update the state of the canvas-local gl_edit variable
      accordingly. So when dofind() switches on edit mode later, the engine
      still thinks that it's in edit mode and thus doesn't trigger the
      necessary update.
      The easy fix is to just update gl_edit in canvas_key() when edit mode is
      temporarily disabled.
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      Fix the findbox regression, part 2. · 12ab314b
      Albert Gräf authored
      This gets rid of some race conditions in the find operation, by ensuring
      that edit mode is only updated *after* mapping a subpatch window.
      This bug manifested itself when searching for objects in subpatches
      which are not visible at the time the find operation gets invoked. In
      this case, on the GUI side we both have to create the subpatch window
      and put it in edit mode. In the previous implementation these two
      operations would be executed separately and asynchronously. The end
      result was that usually the latter operation setting the edit mode in
      the GUI would win out, and the edit mode would later get overwritten
      again when the window was created.
      We fixed that race condition by ensuring that the engine is queried for
      its current edit mode status after creating a canvas window. The engine
      replies with a call to gui_canvas_set_editmode() in the GUI and thus the
      edit mode in the GUI now properly reflects the status in the engine
      after a window is mapped.
      TL;DR: This fix should now make sure that edit mode on the GUI side
      reflects that of the engine at all times.
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      Fix the findbox regression, part 1. · df2fd7fd
      Albert Gräf authored
      This makes Ctrl+F work again, by making sure that edit mode is set
      correctly in the GUI even if glob_ctrl is set (because the Ctrl key up
      event goes to the find box and is thus is never received by the canvas).
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      Merge branch '20200911-readme' · c0626d38
      Jonathan Wilkes authored
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      Merge branch '20200908-dialog' · be6ca4f2
      Jonathan Wilkes authored
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      Merge branch '20200907-background' · 9d7d1139
      Jonathan Wilkes authored
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      Merge branch '20200907-dialog' · 0c4c04e0
      Jonathan Wilkes authored
  2. 11 Sep, 2020 4 commits
  3. 10 Sep, 2020 1 commit
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      Proper fix and improvements to the prefs window · 0f72e7be
      Ivica Bukvic authored
      * Tab bar is 100% width
      * Startup tab has proper right margins
      * Startup tab buttons are properly aligned
      * All select (dropdown) boxes are the same height as the numboxes
      * Better spacing on midi in and out labels and between select boxes
      * Better spacing and sizing on the audio input and output select boxes, associated channel numbers, and labels
      * More spacing between audio input and output
  4. 09 Sep, 2020 9 commits
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