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      Update the help patch. · 688c356f
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      Overhaul of fluid~ to add SMMF support and soundfont search, fixes #692. · e4365f43
      Albert Gräf authored
      This adds support for the SMMF MIDI message format,
      cf. https://bitbucket.org/agraef/pd-smmf.
      It also adds canvas/path search for soundfont files, so that these can
      be found more easily without having to use absolute pathnames, as well
      as a few cosmetic changes to help and error messages.
      In default "legacy" mode, the object is 100% backwards-compatible
      (except for the soundfont file search), so that existing patches will
      continue to work without any changes.
      In SMMF mode, which is invoked with the new -smmf option (used either as
      a creation argument, or with the "init" message), the SMMF message
      format can be used to denote MIDI messages. Legacy messages still
      continue to work in SMMF mode as well, except the "note" and "bend"
      messages which are used in both formats with the same argument count but
      different argument order. However, the corresponding shortcuts "n" and
      "b" of the legacy format still work even in SMMF mode.
      Rationale: SMMF offers the following advantages over the legacy message
      interface that fluid~ currently uses:
      - It covers all MIDI voice messages, as well as system exclusive
        messages. (Note that sysex support is particularly interesting in the
        context of fluidsynth because it allows to pass tuning data using
        sysex messages following the MIDI Tuning Standard (MTS), which
        fluidsynth readily supports.)
      - It enforces a close 1-1 correspondence between the Pd MIDI objects and
        the message format (it uses the same basenames as message selectors,
        and has the arguments in the right order to easily interface with the
        Pd MIDI objects).
      - It is is readily supported by some helper abstractions (midi-input.pd
        and midi-output.pd, available at https://bitbucket.org/agraef/pd-smmf).
      - Last but not least, it is compatible with pd-faust and pd-faustgen2
        which makes it very easy to integrate Faust- and soundfont-based
        synthesis in Pd.
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