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      Dialog and other GUI improvements · f03e0459
      Ivica Bukvic authored and Albert Gräf's avatar Albert Gräf committed
      * Created new and hopefully improved dialogs that should work on all
        three OSs. These include improved margins, optimal sizes that account
        for OS-specific idiosyncrasies, use of non-native toplevel window
        titlebars that cause bunch of issues (e.g. ability to maximize a
        dialog window since nw.js, at least in the earlier versions, has
        spotty support for disabling those), fixed window sizes with minimal
        scrollbars where appropriate, proper spacing between items, better
        positioning of the checkbox and radio buttons, etc.
      * Enabled CTRL+W for the search dialog.
      * Improved and consistent find bar appearance on all windows (console,
        patch, search).
      * Refined activated box to match different zoom levels and font
        sizes. Small discrepancies still exist when using both custom fonts
        and zoom levels, but these are now no more than pixel off, whereas
        before it was all over the place.
      * Made sure that patch windows on all OSs are exactly the same size,
        even w...
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      This adds the following: · 0eeeb22e
      Jonathan Wilkes authored
      * b_sym field to t_textbuf
      * 2nd inlet and "send" method for text define
      * text insert class
      * improve a stray evalfile error
      * show the [text] name (if it exists) in the title for the window
      * updates help doc accordingly
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      speed up msg box by caching the glist in t_messresponder for fetching $0 · f57259d6
      Jonathan Wilkes authored
      This brings msg box back to the same performance it had before $0 expansion
      was added as a feature to message boxes.
      The first implementation relied on calling canvas_setcurrent and
      canvas_unsetcurrent in the message box methods. This added a malloc/free
      for each message box method call.
      Instead this implementation caches the msg box glist in the t_messresponder.
      That is available as the target parameter in m_binbuf. Unfortunately, we
      have to add a parameter to binbuf_realizedollsym. Since that's a public
      function we have to break out the new param into binbuf_dorealizedollsym.
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