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    • Ivica Bukvic's avatar
      Bug fix for the paste crasher (both regular and from clipboard). · 69b6d555
      Ivica Bukvic authored
      Hopefully a better fix for the paste and clipboard paste crashers. Also a bit of reformatting of the indentation inside one of the functions that did not have consistent indentation. LATER: figure out why the front-end is not disabling options like paste at start-up.
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      Disabled pasting inside a toplevel garray since that should be just for plots and nothing else · da7b9b5c
      Ivica Bukvic authored
      Added comment to provide an update on an issue documented in the comments
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      First checkpoint in implementing custom scrollbars and improving the scrollbar... · e2e65133
      Ivica Bukvic authored
      First checkpoint in implementing custom scrollbars and improving the scrollbar behavior. This is a WIP that requires nw.js 0.46.2.
      Finished second stage of the scrollbar implementation and added scrolling with middle click. All scrollbars are now operational and to the best of my knowledge accurate. The only things remaining are: getscroll needs to be called on deselect to recalculate when the handles are erased on objects that have them (we should get rid of these and focus on bboxes instead), responding to maximizing and restoring, and addressing a weird bug where in 0.46.2 patches are saved with larger window sizes under certain conditions.
      Reverted scrolling by grabbing due to problematic relationship between scrollBy and the zoom factor
      Continuing work on the scrollbars. The only known thing now remaining is ensuring that the patch window is properly recorded when saving it (under certain conditions it spits out completely wrong values
      Removed debug printouts
      Finished the scrollbars. The only thing remaining is for someone who has a better understanding of the pd_canvas.js and how the events are captured, to refactor my registration of events that ensure scrollbars are clickable and the onresize event. Currently, they are embedded inside the pd_canvas.js under the body tag where you will find both onscroll and onresize events.
      Overhaul of the new scrollbars to further improve their behavior, enable as perfect of a fit of the plots both in gop and on toplevel, and dynamic updating of the plots in toplevel when resized. Reworked dynamic event adding/removal for the scrollbars and removed onscroll from the html document and moved it into the pd_canvas.js. Still need to add a delay for the backend callback to update the scrollbars on the toplevel plot/array and thereby remove scrollbar flicker.
      Finished implementing the scrollbar callback and addressed popup not appearing in the right place (likely due to upgrade to 0.46.2)
      Added names of arrays to their toplevel subpatch window title. Multiple arrays are listed in the order they have been added.
      Another reworking of scrollbars to and array sizing to capture all possible scenarios. Some refactoring to make use of the canvas_hasarray. Remaining known issues pertaining to the plots are:
      *array toplevel windows are not restored in position they were saved
      *last element on the plots is not clickable
      *make bezier plot look like bezier (may need to leverage curve_path)
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      ico's changes to enlarge the xlet hitboxes · 7c2775c1
      Jonathan Wilkes authored and Ivica Bukvic's avatar Ivica Bukvic committed
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      Additional commenting to make it easier to catch-up with the Wagnerian... · 3371810a
      Ivica Bukvic authored
      Additional commenting to make it easier to catch-up with the Wagnerian function dealing with the key input sent by the front-end. Disabled check that prevented exiting from the edit mode when creating a new object via a keyboard shortcut on a canvas in a non-edit mode. Upon releasing CTRL, the edit mode was not initiated.
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      Proper fix for the nlet highlighting. Now allows for loose aiming and always... · 172aff49
      Ivica Bukvic authored
      Proper fix for the nlet highlighting. Now allows for loose aiming and always starts the patch cord at the center of the outlet. Inlets from which we currently cannot connect from are grey when highlighted, while ones you can initiate connection from are orange (both colors are themeable inside the css). Also, if trying to connect an impossible connection (signal to non-signal), when hovering over the non-signal inlet during the connection cycle, such an inlet will be also highlighted gray (grey? whatever...). Lastly, updated the highlighting animation--I am really not particularly interested in animation as it tends to slow down the interaction with the patch, so the animation is much shorter and more minimal. Potential value is leaving it as this to provide visibility of the nlet being highlighted when we are already over it with the cursor, which will otherwise occlude the nlet altogether. Another consideration with the currently committed highlight is that it is hollow inside which looks IMO distracting. Curved edges is also distracting since no other aspect of the UI (save for the customized data structures created by the user) is not curved.
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      hook in the functionality to suppress scrolling. · 332cb289
      Jonathan Wilkes authored
      However, we still need to figure out if we want to supress gui_canvas_getscroll
      when suppressing the scrollbars. Currently it still gets called, which will
      adjust the viewport to make objects at negative indices visible. I think
      instead we want to anchor the viewport to 0,0 at top left and supress those
      calls to get a nice speedup in the GUI.
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      Make intelligent patching mode 4 controllable with the ctrl modifier. · f545e0b0
      Albert Gräf authored
      Intelligent patching mode 4 often just always prefers option A (outgoing
      connections). But if the user actually wants option B (incoming connections),
      he can't get it because option A was chosen. This is confusing, which is why
      mode 4, while very useful if it works as intended, can be rather difficult to
      use right now.
      We therefore now take into account the status of the ctrl modifier, which
      simply reverses our choice of option A or B, so that the user now has a way of
      getting option B even if option A is preferred (and vice versa). If the ctrl
      modifier isn't pressed, mode 4 works exactly as before, so this change is
      fully backwards-compatible.
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