1. 31 Aug, 2020 1 commit
  2. 19 Aug, 2020 4 commits
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      Merge branch 'fix-bendin' into 'master' · 078f79d7
      Jonathan Wilkes authored
      Improve bendin compatibility with vanilla.
      See merge request !489
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      Add bendinfix external. · d8836bb2
      Albert Gräf authored
    • Albert Gräf's avatar
      Overhaul of bendin/bendout help patches. · 3c7975b9
      Albert Gräf authored
      Correct some errors and add a note about vanilla compatibility options.
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      Improve bendin compatibility with vanilla. · 772072ec
      Albert Gräf authored
      This adds an option to make bendin use the vanilla range of 0..16383 for
      compatibility. As was observed a long time ago, this is at odds with the
      bendout range of -8192..8191, and was thus fixed in pd-l2ork at some
      point. But Miller Puckette has decided that this bug won't *ever* be fixed in
      vanilla, and this is even documented in vanilla's midi-help.pd patch.
      This discrepancy breaks a lot of patches involving MIDI, so a compatibility
      option is needed. It's been possible to use -legacy to get vanilla's bendin,
      but it's better not to conflate legacy iemgui positioning issues with the
      bendin implementation. The former won't usually break interoperability, but
      the latter does.
      So, as suggested by Ico Bukvic, we add a flag as an optional second argument
      to bendin instead. If present, this option explicitly denotes the target
      range: zero means the default (pd-l2ork, signed) output range, nonzero the
      vanilla-compatible unsigned range. In addition, there's a new -legacy-bendin
      command line option which makes unsigned output the default for bendin objects
      which don't specify the range explicitly. You'll want to put this into your
      startup flags in the preferences if you need out-of-the-box vanilla
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      Silence Automake to reduce size of build logs · 6df0aad0
      Sam Thursfield authored
      In my test, this reduced log size from 4.2MB to 3.2MB.
      Example of the new output (taken from Gem compilation):
            CXX      libplugins_la-record.lo
          record.cpp:58:3: warning: #warning better handling of duplicate codecs [-Wcpp]
           # warning better handling of duplicate codecs
          record.cpp:87:3: warning: #warning isThreadable [-Wcpp]
           # warning isThreadable
          record.cpp:257:3: warning: #warning enumerateProperties [-Wcpp]
           # warning enumerateProperties
            CXX      libplugins_la-video.lo
            CXX      libplugins_la-videoBase.lo
            CXXLD    libplugins.la
      Not all components honour the V=0 flag -- perhaps they don't use
      Automake, or use a very old version. However, many do.
      See also: https://www.gnu.org/software/automake/manual/html_node/Automake-Silent-Rules.html
      See also: #666
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