1. 15 Mar, 2021 1 commit
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      comment out libdl.dll requirement as it no longer ships with msys2 · 807068ce
      Jonathan Wilkes authored
      Not sure what this was used for. Could have been a remnant from ancient
      Pd-extended builds where libdl was required to dynamically load at all,
      but that's a shot in the dark.
      Anyway, if we get reports in a future release of some external randomly
      refusing to load under Windows, we may want to test whether this change
      is the culprit.
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      allow different grid sizes (factors of 100 for now, but easily changed) · 6dc3d006
      Jonathan Wilkes authored
      We also keep a partially transparent version of a grid for editmode. This
      allows us to keep editmode visually distinct from runmode, even if snap-to-grid
      isn't turned on.
      If needed it's pretty easy to make the following changes:
      * set the "big" cell size to something that isn't 100 (but I'm not sure how
        much control over the grid we actually want to give users-- e.g., setting
        the big cell to something for which the small cell isn't a factor
      * allow snap-to-grid to be set independently for each canvas. (But again,
        what would be the use case for this?
  19. 24 Oct, 2020 5 commits
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      Comment change. · c3462eac
      Albert Gräf authored
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      Give make_index and menu_send the same treatment as menu_print, as these may · df9ddcc9
      Albert Gräf authored
      also run for extended periods of time.
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      Add a global method to keep the watchdog happy while the GUI is busy. · f822bea0
      Albert Gräf authored
      For some reason, GUI operations which run for extended periods of time
      may cause the engine to crash with a SIGHUP error on Linux. Apparently
      this is caused by the watchdog bailing out and taking the engine with
      it. This affects the new print operation as well as the existing message
      operation in the file menu, possibly also search index generation for
      the help browser, and maybe some other operations that still need to be
      The new gui-busy method lets the GUI set an internal flag in the engine
      which makes the engine keep the watchdog happy while the GUI does its
      thing, using the same mechanism that is already in place to ping the
      watchdog when running GUI-less. To these ends, the GUI needs to invoke
      "pd gui-busy 1" when starting the time-consuming operation, and "pd
      gui-busy 0" when the operation is done.
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      Backport some fixes to sys_domicrosleep from vanilla. · 47e10eaa
      Albert Gräf authored
      Massaged the routine a bit to bring it more in line with what vanilla
      currently has, and backported some recent changes in rev. 1f383be3 and
      rev. ff9e52c6 from vanilla which are supposed to fix some bugs in