Add link to related_objects to each -help file

For the related objects with help files it was add a link to the file
-help.pd. This was done in steps:

- First the indexing was changed to be indexed all the pd objects in doc
  and extra folders with name and path and in a second moment the
  selected folder (that can be only the doc or all the lib folder) will
  be detailed: the objects-help files with be read and it will be
  searched keywords, description and related objects

- Secondly, after finding the name of the related object, it's path will
  be searched in the pre-existed indexing and if it was not already
  added as a related object it will be added now (it adds robustness to
  the code)

- At least, in the exibition of the related objects, the objects with
  found help, will have a link to the patch-help.pd and the objects
  without a help, will be presented in a non-clickable black font.
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canceled #27507
x86_64 stretch debian

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dmg v10.11 osx

canceled #27510
dmg v10.8 osx

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stretch arm raspbian

canceled #27508
x86_64 v16.04 ubuntu

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