Commit feea8f97 authored by Gabriela Bittencourt's avatar Gabriela Bittencourt
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Add priority in search query and add word expansion

Chosen priority: title > keywords > description. The chosen weights
(boost parameters) were chosen arbitrarily based on manual iterations
and could be improved.

Word expansion was enabled in title and keywords fields to allow
matching of parts of a word.
parent adbdc1b6
......@@ -858,7 +858,13 @@ function doc_search() {
results =;
results =, {
fields: {
title: {boost: 64, expand: true},
keywords: {boost: 8, expand: true},
description: {boost: 1}
for (i = 0; i < results.length; i++) {
doc = index.documentStore.getDoc(results[i].ref);
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