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git-svn-id: 4d9ac71a-51e6-0310-8455-cad1006bcd31
parent d372fd42
......@@ -377,7 +377,9 @@
Description="copy flext to maestra"
CommandLine="copy F:\prog\max\flext\pd-msvc\flext_ld.dll F:\prog\maestra\dev\debug"/>
......@@ -440,7 +442,12 @@
Description="copy flext to maestra"
CommandLine="copy F:\prog\max\flext\source\*.h F:\prog\maestra\dev\api\include
copy F:\prog\max\flext\pd-msvc\flext_l.lib F:\prog\maestra\dev\api\lib
copy F:\prog\max\flext\pd-msvc\flext_l.dll F:\prog\maestra\dev\Release
......@@ -39,7 +39,7 @@ void flext_base::SetAttrEditor(t_classid c)
widgetbehavior.w_selectfn = c->c_wb->w_selectfn;
widgetbehavior.w_activatefn = c->c_wb->w_activatefn;
widgetbehavior.w_deletefn = c->c_wb->w_deletefn;
ori_vis = c->c_wb->w_visfn;
ori_vis = c->c_wb->w_visfn;
widgetbehavior.w_visfn = cb_GfxVis;
widgetbehavior.w_clickfn = c->c_wb->w_clickfn;
widgetbehavior.w_propertiesfn = cb_GfxProperties;
......@@ -93,7 +93,7 @@ void flext_base::SetAttrEditor(t_classid c)
"proc pdtk_flext_dialog {id attrlist} {\n"
"set vid [string trimleft $id .]\n"
"set alen [expr [llength $attrlist] / 3 ]\n"
"set alen [expr [llength $attrlist] / 4 ]\n"
"toplevel $id\n"
"wm title $id {object attributes}\n"
......@@ -104,29 +104,48 @@ void flext_base::SetAttrEditor(t_classid c)
"set ix 0\n"
"foreach {an av asv} $attrlist {\n"
"foreach {an av asv afl} $attrlist {\n"
// generate variable name
"set nm [concat $id.nm-$ix]\n"
// get attribute name
"set var_attr_name [concat [concat var_name_$ix]_$vid ]\n"
"global $var_attr_name\n"
"set $var_attr_name $an\n"
// get attribute value (list)
"set var_attr_val [concat [concat var_val_$ix]_$vid ]\n"
"global $var_attr_val\n"
"set $var_attr_val $av\n"
// format value list
"set $var_attr_val {}\n"
"foreach i $av {\n"
"if { [string is double $i] } {\n"
// it's a number.. take as many digits as necessary
"lappend $var_attr_val [format %g $i]\n"
"} else {\n"
// it's a string, append unchanged
"lappend $var_attr_val $i\n"
// get save flag
"set var_attr_save [concat [concat var_save_$ix]_$vid ]\n"
"global $var_attr_save\n"
"set $var_attr_save $asv\n"
// add dialog elements to window
"frame $nm\n"
"pack $nm -side top\n"
"label $nm.lwidth -text \"$an :\"\n"
"entry $nm.width -textvariable $var_attr_val -width 20\n"
"checkbutton $ -text {save} -variable $var_attr_save -anchor w\n"
"pack $nm.lwidth $nm.width $ -side left\n"
"bind $nm.width <KeyPress-Return> [concat flext_ok $id $alen]\n"
"foreach i {0 1 2} { radiobutton $nm.b$i -value $i -variable $var_attr_save }\n"
"pack $nm.lwidth $nm.width $nm.b0 $nm.b1 $nm.b2 -side left\n"
// increase counter
"incr ix\n"
......@@ -199,7 +218,7 @@ void flext_base::cb_GfxProperties(t_gobj *c, t_glist *)
// \TODO set flag for tcl/tk dialog
STD::sprintf(b, "} %i ", sv?1:0); b += strlen(b);
STD::sprintf(b, "} %i %i ", sv?1:0,attr?(attr->BothExist()?2:1):0); b += strlen(b);
strcpy(b, " }\n");
......@@ -308,13 +327,13 @@ bool flext_base::cb_AttrDialog(flext_base *th,int argc,const t_atom *argv)
i += cnt;
FLEXT_ASSERT(i < argc);
bool sv = CanbeBool(argv[i]) && GetABool(argv[i]);
int sv = GetAInt(argv[i]);
// find settable attribute
attritem *attr = th->FindAttrib(aname,false);
if(attr) {
th->SetAttribSave(attr,sv != 0);
bool ret = th->SetAttrib(attr,cnt,argv+offs);
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