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git-svn-id: 4d9ac71a-51e6-0310-8455-cad1006bcd31
parent 4f695da9
SRCS=flbase.cpp flext.cpp flbuf.cpp fldsp.cpp fllib.cpp flxlet.cpp flattr.cpp flsupport.cpp \
flutil.cpp flatom.cpp flatom-pr.cpp flthr.cpp flout.cpp
flutil.cpp flatom.cpp flatom_pr.cpp flthr.cpp flout.cpp
HDRS=flstdc.h flbase.h flclass.h fldefs.h flext.h flsupport.h fldsp.h flinternal.h
......@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@ Package files:
- fldsp.h,fldsp.cpp: code for signal externals
- flthr.h,flthr.cpp: code for threaded methods
- flsupport.h,flsupport.cpp: various flext support functions and classes
- flatom.cpp flatom-pr.cpp: code for functions dealing with lists of atoms
- flatom.cpp flatom_pr.cpp: code for functions dealing with lists of atoms
- flutil.cpp: additional utility functions
- flxlet.cpp: code for variable inlet/outlet stuff
- flattr.cpp: code for attribute stuff
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