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git-svn-id: 4d9ac71a-51e6-0310-8455-cad1006bcd31
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......@@ -65,6 +65,7 @@ Version history:
- internal proxy objects for any non-leftmost inlets
- all signal inlets can receive messages
- method/argument parsing is done by flext
- integrated more system functions into flext_base & eliminated superfluous #defines
- distribute list (into inlet 0) elements over inlets (right to left, only if no explicit list handler defined)
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......@@ -55,7 +55,9 @@ V flext_base::cb_px_anything(t_class *c,const t_symbol *s,I argc,t_atom *argv)
// check if inlet allows anything (or list)
flext_base *o = thisObject(c);
I ci = ((flext_hdr *)o->x_obj)->curinlet;
I ci = ((flext_hdr *)o->x_obj)->curinlet; // index of (proxy) inlet
if(!ci) ci = ((flext_hdr *)o->x_obj)->obj.z_in; // index of signal inlet
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