Commit 628d3129 authored by thomas's avatar thomas
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fixed dsp vector offset bug

git-svn-id: 4d9ac71a-51e6-0310-8455-cad1006bcd31
parent 9985e8d8
......@@ -55,13 +55,19 @@ public:
t_sample *const *InSig() const { return vecs; }
//! returns input vector
t_sample *InSig(int i) const { return vecs[i]; }
t_sample *InSig(int i) const { return InSig()[i]; }
//! returns array of output vectors (CntOutSig() vectors)
t_sample *const *OutSig() const { return vecs+CntInSig(); }
// \todo cache that returned pointer
t_sample *const *OutSig() const
int i = CntInSig();
// we have at least one actual dsp in vector
return vecs+(i?i:1);
//! returns output vector
t_sample *OutSig(int i) const { return vecs[CntInSig()+i]; }
t_sample *OutSig(int i) const { return OutSig()[i]; }
//! typedef describing a signal vector
typedef t_sample *t_signalvec;
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