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......@@ -82,6 +82,7 @@ Version history:
- SndObj interface now also available for cygwin and BCC
- added Makefiles for OSX/darwin (originally done by Adam T. Lindsay)
- added prepend and append functions to AtomList class
- added CanbeBool and GetABool function
- PD: fixed bug for DSP objects having no signal inlets
......@@ -441,6 +441,11 @@ public:
//! Check for an integer and get its value
static int GetAInt(const t_atom &a) { return (int)GetAFlint(a); }
//! Check whether the atom can be represented as a boolean
static bool CanbeBool(const t_atom &a) { return CanbeInt(a); }
//! Check for an boolean and get its value
static bool GetABool(const t_atom &a) { return GetAInt(a) != 0; }
//! Check whether the atom is a float or integer (depending on the system)
static bool IsFlint(const t_atom &a) { return IsFloat(a) || IsInt(a); }
//! Check for a float or integer and get its value
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